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此工具支持:a) 全局搜索,b) 不区分大小写的搜索,c) 多行搜索

使用 Site24x7 APMInsight 获得代码级别的可见性,并增强应用程序性能



监控您的 SMTP 服务器。

POP/IMAP 服务器监控。


Microsoft Exchange 服务器监控。




Regex Parser Flags

Following are the explanations for the flags used.

Regex Parser Flags Description
g (Global) Don't return after the first match
s (Dot All) Dot also matches newline
i (Case Insensitive) Case insensitive match, ignores case of alphabets
m (Multiline) Causes ^ and $ to match the begin/end of each line
D (Dollar) Makes the dollar sign '$', to always match the end of the string, instead of end of the line
x (Extended) Spaces in the pattern are ignored
U (Ungreedy) The match becomes lazy by default

Regex Parser Examples

Following are few example input regex and results for the sample input string

InputRegex Description Input string Result
[A-Z] Character class: Literally matches all characters given inside '[' ']' Once upon A time There was a King with Seven sons
[A-Za-z]+ Checks for one or more matches Once upon A time
([A-Z]) Capturing group: Captures the matches of pattern within '(' and ')' in separate groups Once upon A time
\w Matches any word character (similar to [a-zA-Z0-9_]) Site
([A-Z])\w+ Capture all groups starting with uppercase alphabet and match all words starting with upper case alphabet followed by word character Once