JSON Path Evaluator

Free tool to validate and extract the matching piece of the JSON data against the input expression. JSON Path syntax should be given in the format $.< parameter name > and the result object that matches the given parameter name will be displayed in the output result box.

JSON Path Examples

Following are few example jsonpath expressions and results for the above sample json data

JSONPath Expression Description Result
$ Select the root element
$.address.city Select the value of 'city' element which is the direct children of 'address' element
$..type Select the value of all the 'type' elements in the input json
$.address.length() Select the length of the 'address' element
$..* Select all the elements and its value
$.phoneNumbers[1] Select the 2nd value from 'phoneNumbers' array
$.phoneNumbers[?(@.number)] Select the 'phoneNumbers' element if it have 'number' element within it



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