免费的工具,可以根据输入表达式来验证和提取XML数据的匹配部分。与给定参数匹配的结果对象将显示在输出结果框中。请参考 x路径示例以了解用法。

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XPath Examples

Following are few example xpath expressions and results for the above sample xml data

XPath Expression Description Result
/ Select the document node
/store/chocolates/choco Select all the 'choco' elements, which are the direct children of 'chocolates' node
//name[@no] Select all the 'name' elements with 'no' attribute
/store//snack[last()] Select the last snack element
sum(//price) Select the sum of price element values
string-length(//choco[1]/name) Select the length of the first 'choco' element's name value
//choco[1]/name/text() Select the textual value of first 'choco' element's name
count(/store//choco) Select the count of 'choco' elements