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Site24x7 Benchmarks provides users with a lever for improving performance by revealing how their websites are performing in relation to industry leaders around the world. This feature helps users set performance goals by letting them compare their websites’ performance and availability to the top 20, best-performing websites globally in 20 different verticals, including retail, e-commerce and healthcare.

​Performance insights from websites in USA, UK, China, France and Germany are covered with graphical representation of availability and response times giving users quick insight into the performance metrics of various websites across geographies.

Website Performance Benchmarks By Industry and Geography

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​Proper Password Management within the Datacenter

As consumers continue to put more of their data in “the cloud,” following best security practices is vital to ensuring that your business is able to stay compliant with regulations and also maintain the trust of your customers. For this guide, the focus is on best practices to implement within your code to maintain PCI compliance. For professionals in regulated industries such as finance, legal, or medical you will still need to speak with an expert as the best practices for those industries are more complex.

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