Slack and HipChat integration.

Site24x7 is now integrated with Slack and HipChat. With this integration, you can now pin your Site24x7 monitor alerts and RCA links in your Slack channels and HipChat rooms respectively. This'll give you quick insight into your Site24x7 monitors' performance without having to leave your ongoing conversation.


  • View Site24x7 alerts and root cause analysis reports inside HipChat Rooms or Slack Channels
  • Effectively communicate and collaborate on your Site24x7 alerts with your teammates, making troubleshooting easy
  • Read our Slack and HipChat integration help document to learn more about the integration.


[New feature] Support for monitoring Active Directory.

Get insights on Active Directory performance including active client sessions of LDAP and SAM, replication traffic, database instances, domain services and more. Monitoring Active Directory helps in maintaining consistent directory data and also monitor critical parameters to stay ahead of potential bottlenecks through instant alerts.

New RUM Snapshots aid smart performance troubleshooting across browser and geography.

We've released the Snapshot feature in Real User Monitoring (RUM), which does more intuitive metric collection (both proactively and on-demand) from different geographies and browsers, by finding the breakdown of the page load time helping in faster performance troubleshooting of the applications. Read more about the new feature in our blog.

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Videos: Watch Site24x7 in action!

Reduce calls to your help desk using Site24x7 Status Pages.

Bulk update Resource Profiles for servers.

Update Notification Profiles in bulk.

Update Location Profiles in bulk.

Update Threshold Profiles in bulk.

From our community - Site24x7 Forums.

We've now got over 60 monitoring locations with the addition of a new server in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Read more in our forum post.

Let us know how our dependency monitor feature proved to be adequate in protecting against false alerts, thus helping you save alert credits.

Introducing our support for new plugins like, Gearmand servers, StatsD, Samba file server and more. Let's take the discussion forward in our dedicated forum wall for plugins.

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Sneak peek:

  • Import Selenium scripts to create Real Browser Transaction monitoring
  • Subgrouping in monitor groups
  • Support for new plugins

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