Enhanced End-User Experience Management With Site24x7 Web Application (Real Browser) Monitoring
  • How do you ensure optimum end-user experience for your Rich Internet Applications?
  • Is monitoring of your dynamic web applications confined to the static HTML part alone?

Site24x7 now lets you use real browsers to monitor the availability and response time of your web applications. Site24x7 Web Application (Real Browser) Monitoring actually renders the complete web page and takes into account the loading time of images, CSS, links loaded from third-party websites or domains while calculating the response time. This crucial information will give you actionable insights into the availability and response time of each step of your web application.

Advantage - Web Application (Real Browser) Monitoring

Site24x7 provides a recorder tool that you can download to record web transactions and play them back via real browsers such as Mozilla Firefox. The easy-to-use recorder tool, ensures that the recording occurs in the backend while you browse the website in our Recorder Tool and the user does not need to have any programming knowledge to use the functionality.

Recorded Transactions


  • Robust and easy-to-use recorder for web transactions
  • Completely automated recording that requires no programming knowledge
  • Recording of URLs, form-filling, Ajax requests etc.
  • Monitoring from a global point of presence
Meet Next Gen Site24x7: Powerful, Agile, Cost-Effective IT Management as-a-Service

Site24x7 provides a combined view of web performance monitoring information from your users' perspective. The monitoring factors in key performance indicators across data center and cloud infrastructure and deep application code visibility. This helps IT operations teams across SMBs and enterprises in a very big way.

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