Get full stack visibility with CloudWatch and server agent integration.

Effectively monitoring a complex dynamic environment like EC2 can be quite a challenge without the right data. With Site24x7's unified EC2 monitoring, we aim to provide you with an improved set of monitoring capabilities to empower your operations team to make better decisions in the cloud.

Our latest enhancement combines metrics from two different sources: CloudWatch, from a hypervisor level and agent, from a system level to give you that full stack visibility into your EC2 ecosystem. By combining the instance metadata with the agent you can effectively tackle complexities like AutoScaling and solve the inherent inefficiencies present in both CloudWatch and standalone server agents and thus putting an end to the silo approach of monitoring the EC2 instances.


  • Unified dashboard - See your CloudWatch and agent generated system and application metrics in a single comprehensive view
  • Intelligent EC2 monitoring - Differentiate between intentional instance termination and instance crash
  • No more licensing headaches - All terminated AutoScaling instances will move into a suspended state and get automatically removed from your Site24x7 console
  • Reduced alert fatigue - No more redundant alerts when AutoScaling instance gets terminated or when agent communication failure occurs.

Metrics enhancements:

  • Monitor load average and compare instance CPU usage with physical CPU usage to detect CPU steal
  • Monitor memory swap usage and page faults, gather stats on individual EBS volume disk utilization
  • View process level resource breakdown to identify processes that are consuming too much CPU or memory
  • Execute our out-of-the box plugins to get custom metrics on various application services running on your instance and a whole lot more.

Additional Resources:

Schedule a monthly maintenance window.

In addition to scheduling a one-time maintenance window and repeating it daily and weekly, you can now schedule a monthly maintenance window that can be configured to automatically repeat on a specific date or a specific nth weekday of every month.

Record your product updates with milestone marker.

Now record any significant event like configuration upgrades, feature enhancements, build deployments, infrastructure updates and more with our latest feature - Milestone Marker. Visualize the performance of your apps before and after an update, or anytime you make changes.

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[APM Insight] Auto scale apps in AWS Beanstalk.

This new feature in APM Insight allows users to enable the autoscaling feature for APM instances. Doing so, instances which have not communicated in the past 15 days are automatically unmanaged when new instances are created. This way all the recently scaled up instances are monitored more efficiently.

Enhanced network interfaces view.

Site24x7 Network Monitoring now offers its users the ease to view all their interfaces under one view as an independent tab. This simplification gives a bird's-eye view on the status of all interfaces, viz., "up", "down" or "trouble". Additionally, you can also keep track of incoming and outgoing traffic too.

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  • Hyper-V monitoring
  • Custom reports
  • Domain expiry monitor

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