Monitor your entire stack with Site24x7 Plugins.

We're excited to announce our latest feature Site24x7 Plugins. Now, you can monitor and measure unlimited attributes using our wide range of out-of-the-box supported plugins like MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, NGINX, HAProxy, Zookeeper, WordPress, Apache and Zombie Process.

With support for Nagios plugins, you can execute thousands of Nagios plugins in Site24x7 and harness the power of the open source community.

Additionally, our open eco system for plugins allows you to create custom plugins using Python or Shell scripts and monitor attributes that matter the most.

Site24x7 Plugins comes as a free feature along with our advanced Server Monitoring capabilities.


  • Supported Plugins: MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, NGINX, HAProxy, Zookeeper, WordPress, Apache, Zombie Process
  • Support for Nagios plugins
  • Build custom Plugins and monitor unlimited attributes using our open ecosystem
  • View performance charts of multiple plugin instances across servers in a single, easy to understand chart
  • Set threshold values for individual attributes in a plugin and get immediate notifications if set values exceed

Site24x7 Plugins

Share your experience of using plugins on our forums and let us know if it has simplified your monitoring requirements. We're waiting to hear from you. Happy monitoring!

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Product Demos: Overview of Site24x7.

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