Advanced Webscript editing - Do it all without the Real Browser recorder.

You no longer have to use the Web Application (Real Browser) recorder to edit an existing web script of your configured real browser monitor. Advanced Webscript editing feature allows you to perform test playbacks and modify the existing script and monitor configuration with an inline editor. This advanced web scripting tool lets you manipulate your recorded actions and update your real browser monitor configuration without having to rerecord the transaction using a recorder.

Stay protected against external hijacks using DNSSEC extensions.

Now authenticate your DNS responses and verify DNS security usin Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC). It is a technology that is used to protect against external hijacks by digitally 'signing' data so you can be assured it is valid.

Auto associate device templates in network discovery.

This latest feature allows you to auto-associate your network devices using SNMP Device Templates. Device templates contain a pre-defined set of monitoring parameters pertaining to each network device type and gives the device a description for it to be recognized by the network. Exclusive templates are available for each device type and there are over a 1000 device types supported. You can also create new templates and add them as custom templates in addition to the existing set of default templates.

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View data for custom time periods in Real User Monitoring.

Site24x7 Real User Monitoring (RUM) now allows you to get data for custom time periods. You can choose to view RUM metrics from last 1 hour to last 30 days, data for a specific date and time can also be viewed.

Viewing RUM metrics for a custom date or over a range of dates enables you to identify the gradual performance changes in your application, say an increase or decrease in application response time. This is also helpful in identifying the bottlenecks during any significant application problems. Additionally, you can also mark your important feature updates with milestone marker and track them at a later date, in case of issues.

Case Study: Achieving code-level visibility in production.

Performance and scalability problems are unique. They don't get fixed after just one shot. Find out how one of our valued customers scaled their application by troubleshooting their performance bottlenecks at production level.

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