Ensure optimum uptime for your on-premise IT management solution

Last week, we launched the industry's first FREE cloud service to monitor the traditional on-premise network, system and application monitoring products.

How does it work?

Install our lightweight server monitoring agent in the servers that run your IT management solution. The agent automatically detects known on-premise IT management products such as ManageEngine, HP, Kaseya, IPswitch, Nagios or Solarwinds and marks them as FREE for monitoring!

The agent collects critical metrics pertaining to the services and processes of your in-house solution and pushes it to the Site24x7 central server. Any degradation in performance will be notified immediately via multiple alerting channels such as Email, SMS, Voice Calls, Twitter or Push notifications.

Are you using some other product that is not mentioned above? Let us know.

Learn more about this free Site24x7 service at

sample dashboard showing status of ManageEngine services
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Sneak Peek

  • In-depth root cause analysis for agent based Windows and Linux server monitoring
  • All new Contacts page
  • Some application infrastructure upgrades are in the works :-)
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