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Site24x7 introduces support for voice alerts

Now get notified of website downtime through phone calls.

Voice alerts are voice synthesized phone calls that will notify you of website downtimes and will include details of the incident. Voice alerts will be in addition to the already available list of alerting mechanisms that includes Email, SMS, Twitter and Push Notifications.
Follow the below steps to subscribe for a voice alert.

  1. Login and navigate to Alerts tab.
  2. Click Add Contact or edit an existing contact.
  3. Scroll down to Phone Settings.
  4. Select Notify via Call option from the drop down for Down, Trouble or Up notifications.

Site24x7 Voice Alerts

Sounds good? You are now less likely to miss a website alert from Site24x7.

Auto capture of keywords ensures effective website monitoring

Content Match functionality, with its ability to check for specific keywords helps to validate whether the response received for your webpage is proper. We have now enhanced the Content Match with intelligent capture of keywords.

With the new enhancement, Site24x7 will intelligently identify critical keywords in a web page and automatically define them as 'Keywords to be present' under Content Match configuration while adding a new monitor. Defining a keyword under Keywords to be present will help identify any under the hood issues like database level problems. These problems are most likely to go unidentified in a conventional HTTP error code based website monitoring scenario. Read our blog post, Identify database level problems in your website with content check to learn more about how to handle the above use case.

Did-You-Know You can choose to show your monitors as 'UP' during your specified maintanance period, while generating Availability Reports. Follow the below steps to do the same.
  1. Login and navigate to Reports > Report Settings
  2. Check option In reports, treat monitors as up during maintenance period

Sneak Peek
A look into some of our exciting upcoming releases.
  1. A solution to monitor your intranet applications. Register now to try this upcoming release.
  2. Instant Messaging support for downtime alerts.
  3. Enhancements to our Android app.
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