Personalize your dashboard with brand new widgets.

We are excited to introduce our newer widgets that will help you build personalized dashboard and choose to see the data just the way you want.

Multi-monitor performance widget lets you view unique metric data across different monitors of a similar monitor type, up to 50 monitors as multiple line graphs. With the Iframe widget, you can embed a permalink from Site24x7, or any other third-party service on your custom dashboard.

Support for Microsoft Exchange 2016.

Now you can start monitoring your Microsoft Exchange 2016 servers and obtain a simple graphical representation of the various exchange roles configured. Analyze RPC request/response time for client access, hub transport, unified messaging, database details and more with Exchange server monitoring.

Monitor tabular OIDs with Tabular Performance Counters.

Start monitoring the tabular SNMP OIDs of your network devices with tabular performance counters. Categorize and view all your group based performance metrics in a unified table. Add tabular performance counters, monitor, and edit their thresholds from a single window.

Ruby Agent API: Track custom instrumentations and exceptions.

You can track and monitor user-defined methods in your Ruby app using the Ruby Agent API. Just add the API to the application wherever necessary, and the agent will track the performance metrics of the methods and exceptions.

Bulk installation of .NET agent.

You can now install APM Insight .NET agent on multiple servers in an active directory network, simultaneously. The feature comes in handy when you have the same application running on multiple servers. The bulk installation tool retains the same .NET Agent configurations (like license key and application filters) across all deployed servers.

Get more insight into your cloud environment with these latest AWS integrations.

Simple Storage Service (S3) - Collect the full range of S3 metrics - storage, request and data transfer to understand usage trends and access patterns. Analyze data and make informed decisions on storage class migration to optimize S3 associated costs.

Simple Queue Service (SQS) - Gain insight into queue health. Collect performance metrics on message arrival rate, consumer throughput, queue depth, message state and other related data to identify abnormal queue behavior and troubleshoot stalled queues.

Monitor more than plain CloudWatch metrics: S3 endpoint monitoring.

Proactively monitor critical S3 object URL endpoints powering your static website or mobile app. Run a test every minute or hour from more than 90 geo-distributed locations, ensure functionality by validating results, and analyze response time breakdown to identify slow or broken API endpoints before your customers do.

Free Seminar: Running IT operations in the age of digital transformation.

In today's complex IT infrastructure set-up consisting of multiple layers, it is important to see the performance of each component in one place so that you adopt proactive monitoring rather than reactive monitoring. Join our free seminar in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia to learn how some IT problems can be better solved from the cloud.

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