All new Site24x7 web client.

At Site24x7, our goal has always been to provide you with the best of monitoring experience and with that very same intention, we've worked on an all new client that will completely change the way you monitor your critical resources. The new client does not just comes with a whole new look and feel, but also with numerous technical enhancements that will drastically improve the way you keep track on metrics that matter the most.

We've just highlighted a few web client enhancements to get you started. Read our blog to learn more.

  • Notifications badge
  • Monitor status categorization
  • New monitor group view
  • Easy outage tracking
  • New help assistant
  • Dynamic heat maps
  • Integrated benchmarks
  • Upgraded performance charts

All new web client

Write to us on our forums if the new client update has made your monitoring more efficient and enjoyable. We're waiting to hear from you. Happy monitoring!

Recommended read: New web client blog.

Microsoft SharePoint Server monitoring.

Expanding our monitoring portfolio, we'd like to announce the support for monitoring SharePoint servers. Now you can oversee all the components essential for complete functioning of your SharePoint server for successful sharing and management of documents and customized web services.


  • Obtain insights on the Windows services associated to SharePoint
  • Anticipate and troubleshoot issues affecting the Office, Excel, and Access applications
  • Obtain information on the disk space of your SharePoint content database
  • Understand how your web application is mapped to every content database
  • Collect comprehensive data for service applications ASP stats, InfoPath Forms Services, Visio Web Access, and Publishing Cache stats

Learn more about our SharePoint monitoring capabilities.

Troubleshoot custom application components in your web app.

When you have a critical application, you need to monitor all types of components. But what about your custom components that may not be supported by your current solution?

Read our blog to learn how with Site24x7, you can configure and monitor custom application components so their performance and availability can be viewed along with common standard components.

Site24x7 monitoring server: IP update.

Going forward, all our IP related changes/updates will be captured in this thread in forums. Additionally, we'll also notify you via email about any IP related updates, so that you're well aware of all the new IPs and whitelist them in your firewall policy.

For a complete list of Site24x7 server locations, refer our global monitoring locations page.

Visit our forums for more updates.

March webinars.

Webinar: Site24x7, an overview
When: Mar 2nd 2016 - 10:30 AM GMT | 10 AM PST
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Webinar: Application Performance Monitoring with Site24x7
When: Mar 09th 2016 - 10:30 AM GMT | 10 AM PST
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Webinar: Network Performance Monitoring for DevOps and IT
When: Mar 23rd 2016 - 10:30 AM GMT | 10 AM PST
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Visit our webinars page for more information on what's lined up for upcoming months.

Product Demos: Overview of Site24x7.

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