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Introducing Custom View For Server Metrics

In our previous newsletter we had mentioned about our enhanced server monitoring feature. With the help of new metrics like processor interrupts, context switches, etc. you can troubleshoot performance issues with your server.

However as the number of metrics grows, analyzing becomes harder. To make things simple we introduced a simple Custom View option, where you can bring all the necessary metrics related to a sub-component chosen by you under a single view. You could then persist this view for future usage.


To get started, click on one of the graphs of the server monitor. In the popup window, select the Custom View icon. Select the relevant metrics you want graphed together. Hit the Apply or Save as View button.

This new view will be created as a new tab in your server monitor details page and will be seen across all servers you have.

Enhancements to our iPhone app

  1. Response time graphs added - Graphical view of your website response times can now be viewed via our iPhone app.
  2. Access to free edition users - All free edition users can have unrestricted access to our iPhone app.
  3. User level restrictions added - User level restrictions ensures anybody without adequate write permissions have limited access to your account.

Did-You-Know Write your own scripts to restart an application or take a back up during a website/web app down scenario. While configuring your monitor, choose Invoke URL under Advanced Configuration section.

Sneak Peek
A look into some of our exciting upcoming releases.
  1. IM Integration.
  2. Enhancements to the status view page.
  3. Enhancements to our Android app.
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