Site24x7 API Version 2.0

We had recently announced the all new Admin Tab that simplifies configuring 100s of monitors. This was fully created by a new REST API version 2.0, that lets you access all configurations from Site24x7.

The new API version is built using the REST principles which ensures predictable URLs that make writing applications easy. This API requires Authtoken as an account identifier and follows HTTP rules, where a wide range of HTTP clients can be used to interact with the API.

Every resource is exposed as a URL. The URL of each resource can be obtained by accessing the API Root Endpoint.


  • Improved Site24x7 integration with third party applications
  • Achieve all the operations that can be performed on the web client.
    • Add monitors into your Site24x7 account
    • Modify/delete/suspend monitors
    • Create user groups and configure profiles
    • Schedule Maintenance and lot more
Site24x7 API Version 2.0

Read more about the all new API version here.

APM Insight Agents Now Auto Upgrade

The Java and .NET agents of APM Insight now support the auto upgrade feature. This means that the agents will upgrade to the latest versions automatically. This new feature was developed to simplify the cumbersome process of manually connecting to the application machine, downloading or transferring the new agent and then upgrade it. The latest auto upgrade feature enables you to schedule the agents for an upgrade to the latest versions at any configured date and time. Additionally, now customers can also choose to manually trigger the agent update from the Site24x7 client rather than doing the update by connecting to the application server.

Learn more about Site24x7 APM Insight or sign up for free.

Include Synthetic and User Monitoring In Your IT Strategy

Google reported 20% lost revenue and traffic from a mere half a second increase in page load time. You don't need to be reminded of the lost revenue, brand reputation damage and inconsistent user experiences that could hit your company big in just seconds.

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New Monitoring Server Added

Site24x7 extends its support on monitoring locations by adding a new motioning location in Queretaro, Mexico. The IP for the new server is

View the complete list of our various monitoring locations along with their IP addresses.

Interop, Las Vegas

We had a great Interop this year. A big Thanks to all visitors for stopping by at our booth.

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