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Guard Against Website Hacks and Defacement!

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Detect Website Hacks Instantly

Website hacking and defacement is a constant threat which online businesses face in their day-to-day operations. Despite several advances in internet security, sometimes even the mighty fall to such attacks. While there is no fool-proof method to ensure 100% prevention, the best thing any webmaster can do is to be vigilant.

Using Site24x7, webmasters can easily monitor for any change in keywords in keywords, change in page content size or even detect changes in script/css file sizes.

Any change would instantly trigger an alarm with which the webmaster can take necessary steps and guard themselves against such future attacks.

Submit Case Study and win $200 credits!

Has your business benefited from Site24x7? Participate and share your experience as a case study. We will select and publish the best of case studies from the entries. If your case study is published, we will then credit your account with $200 worth monitoring credits.

Frequently Answered Questions:

1) Will only one case study be picked up for publication?

Answer: No. We would be publishing the best of case studies submitted to us.

2) How will I know if my case study is picked up?

Answer: Once your case study is picked up for publishing, we shall contact you for further details. Once it is published, we shall credit your account with $200 worth monitoring credit.

3) How long will it take to participate in this case study?

Answer: Not more 10 minutes.

4) Can I participate/send more than a single case study?

Answer: If you would like to send us more than a single case study, contact us via support@site24x7.cn.

5) I have questions which this FAQ does not answer. What should I do?

Answer: Send in your questions to support@site24x7.cn with subject reading 'Regarding Case Study' and we shall respond to you.

Key Upcoming Features

Our developers have been working on some cool upcoming features for Site24x7. We don't want to spill the beans yet, but would like to give you a taste of whats to come: Real Browser Monitor, revamped Website Monitoring Reports and more. 

Did You Know?

Configure your Twitter account via Site24x7 and get instant twitter alerts whenever your website goes down. This way you will be the first to know and you can act before the downtime affects your customers.

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